RISE Strength & Conditioning Program at Pal-Fit

Feature One

The program is specifically tailored for athletes and different sports players of all levels, to be trained under different domains to withstand the pressure and resistance as needed.

Feature Two

Athletes will be trained to enhance their cardiovascular system aerobic and anaerobic, general strength and specific, agility, mobility, explosiveness and most important drills and exercises to prevent and delay injuries.

Feature Three

Mental training will be applied as well during trainings so athletes can encounter the mental stresses found in and around basketball.

Basel Qatamesh

Head coach and owner of the first CrossFit affiliate in Palestine, Pal-Fit. Basel has specialized in strength and conditioning since establishing his gym in 2014. He has extensive experience in providing private training for individuals and professional athletes. Basel holds a BA degree in Physical Education from the University of Jordan and an MSc in Sports Therapy from Leeds Beckett University in the UK. He qualified for the CrossFit Regional Competition in Madrid in 2018 and has competed in numerous regional and international tournaments.

Program Details

  • Target Groups: Athletes and Basketball Players - Boys & Girls
  • Target Ages: 11 - 18 Years
  • Semester Duration: 3.0 months ( 09 September 23 - 09 December 23)
  • Level: Beginners | Intermediate | Advanced
  • Registration Fees: $300 for full semester ($100/ Month)
  • Registration is mandatory for full semester. 
  • Fees can be paid in monthly installments .
  • Location: Pal-Fit Gym Ramallah - Al-Sharafeh
  • Payments can be made via bank accounts below, by Visa or Cash at court.

Name: شركةرايزسبورتس RISE Sports Academy
- BoP USD IBAN Account: PS38 PALS 0475 0766 5000 0130 0000 0 (0475 -766500-000) 
- Arab Bank USD IBAN Account: PS48ARAB000000009120185033510 ( 9120- 185033-510)