About RISE

RISE Sports Academy specializes in providing a variety of local and international professional sports services to passionate Palestinian athletes of different ages, as well as to professional Palestinian trainers, coaches, and referees of different sports. RISE offers holistic programs that are conceived to suit various types of student-athletes and are a combined result of RISE team passion, experience, and continuous research into the needs and requirements of the Palestinian sport, as well as the insight gathered from renowned international professionals.

RISE is a great step towards the professional sports world, as we work hard on connecting our members to some of the most prominent agents, agencies, and academies in the world and offer the best overseas opportunities and professional sports tryouts for athletes and coaches who are looking to start a professional career, as well as helping already formed players and coaches on their path to success, locally and internationally.  


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We at RISE

Respect the passion that a student-athlete puts into his or her sport and match that enthusiasm with coaches and teachers who lead student-athletes in a positive, fast-paced, growth environment. We believe that each and every one of our players is on their road to success and our enthusiastic team, composed of experts, is deeply dedicated to providing them with assistance, and keep pushing forward to never surrender, and never give up on their hopes and dreams.  


To discover talents, develop skills, and raise champions.


To become one of the leading sports academies worldwide building athletic generations, developing leaders and offering opportunities for champions to RISE.

1,000+ participants  join RISE SPORTS ACADEMY

Join us and make your skills better.


RISE Sports Academy is located in Ramallah, Palestine. At this stage, we are partnering with entities with suitable sports facilities that correspond to the standards of the sports industry and match the needs of our different programs, curriculums, custom classes, and training, aiming to achieve excellence in both academics and athletics fields. Within our 10-year strategic plan, our main goal is to have our own sports facility in Ramallah city, which will be designed to include a variety of sports facilities, built with the highest standards, to provide the perfect sports solutions to Palestinian Athletes.

Team of Professionals

Ibrahim Habash, Co-Founder

Co-Founder & Owner / Programs Development Manager / Head Basketball Coach

  • BSc in Business Administration 
  • President of Palestinian Basketball's Federation since 2018 
  • Certified FIBA Coach.

Razan Habash, Co-Founder

Co-Founder and Owner /  Programs Director
  • BSc in Civil Engineering
  • MSc in Business Administration & Management
  • Basketball Player for 25+ years.

Tamer Habash, Co-Founder

Co-Founder and Owner /  Marketing & Communications Manager

  • BSc in Business Administration
  • Professional basketball player for 20+ years

Zaina Bargouthi

  • Founder and Owner of Zaina Nutrition Wellness Clinic 
  • BSc in Nutrition with Food Consumers Sciences at the University of Reading in England.