RISE International Basketball Skills Development   Camp  2024  

Program Objectives & Daily Activities

 Our goal is to offer an immersive and dynamic experience focused on basketball training, fitness development, and overall athletic conditioning, nutrition education, psychology sessions, and outdoor outings, all within the exceptional amenities of our facility. Each day will feature a diverse range of activities aimed at enhancing basketball skills, improving fitness levels, and promoting overall wellness. The schedule may include:

  • Basketball Training Sessions:

    • Skill development drills focusing on shooting, dribbling, passing, and defense.

    • Tactical sessions covering game strategy, team play, and situational awareness.

    • Scrimmages and friendly competitions to apply learned skills in game situations.

  • Fitness Training:

    • Cardiovascular workouts to improve endurance and stamina.

    • Strength training exercises targeting core muscles, upper and lower body strength.

    • Flexibility and mobility training to prevent injuries and enhance agility.

  • Pool Activities:

    • Aquatic exercises for low-impact conditioning and recovery.

    • Swimming drills for cardiovascular fitness and muscle toning.

  • Nutrition Sessions:

    • Workshops on sports nutrition, hydration, and meal planning.

    • Guidance on fueling the body for optimal performance and recovery.

    • Healthy eating tips.

  • Psychology Sessions:

    • Mental skills training focusing on goal setting, visualization, and concentration.

    • Strategies for managing stress, building confidence, and maintaining motivation.

    • Group discussions on the psychology of peak performance and resilience.

Program Details


Lebanon - Jbeil


Sports City by Step Ahead

Date from

Sunday: Jul 28, 2024

Date to

Thursday: Aug 8, 2024

Total Duration

11 Days/ 10 Nights


11 - 17 Years


Male & Female


Intermediate and Advanced

Fees and Payments Details:

Total Fees $2300/ Player (with or without visa); 

Can be made in cash or in three installments;

01 May = $800.0

01 June = $800.0

01 July = $700.0


Payments can be made via bank accounts below:

Name: شركةرايزسبورتس RISE Sports Academy
- BoP USD IBAN Account: PS38 PALS 0475 0766 5000 0130 0000 0 (0475 -766500-000)
- Arab Bank USD IBAN Account: PS48ARAB000000009120185033510
  (9120- 185033-510)

Fees include:

  • Transportation (Ramallah - Jericho - Jordan - Airport) and vice versa.
  • Plane Tickets.
  • Visa Fees.
  • Step Ahead Academy fees with access to academy facilities  (Facility overview JBEIL)
  • Full board 3 healthy meals designed for athletes + Water.
  • 9 Training Days including 2 - 3 games with referees (Players will be distributed to groups based on age and skill level.
  • Basketball and Strength & Conditioning Professional Coaches.
  • 5 hrs. Training/ day (Basketball and Strength & Conditioning).
  • 1 full weekend day trip + 2-3 afternoon short trips.
  • Daily dry clean of training cloths.
  • Two Supervisors from RISE (Male & Female).
  • RISE Sports Academy Uniform.
  • Trips: A full-day weekend trip including lunch meal + Transportation for 2-3 short afternoon trips.
  • Any other costs not mentioned above, are not included in the fees.

Registration Deadline

    By: 01 May 2024