We believe in team spirit and teamwork.


Maintaining a high standard of performance


We never stop at what has been achieved.


Behaving ethically in all interactions at all level .

RISE Sports Academy specializes in providing a variety of local and international professional sports services to passionate Palestinian athletes of different ages, as well as to professional Palestinian trainers, coaches, and referees of different sports.


RISE offers holistic programs that are conceived to suit various types of students-athletes and are a combined result of RISE team passion, experience, and continuous research into the Palestinian sports needs and requirements, as well as the insight gathered from renowned international professionals.

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RISE Basketball School

Open Now: Semester 4 - 3 Months

Start Date: 15-Jan-2024

End Date: 20-April-2024

Ages: 4 - 18 Years

Location: Ramallah Friends School

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Our Partners

Zaina nutrition Clinic

Our main purpose is to raise and spread awareness on evidenced based nutrition along the importance of adopting proper eating behavior's and habits which guarantee our nourishment and health.

Sports Mania Lb

Leagues & Corporate Tournaments l Inter-Companies Challenges Companies’ Football & Basketball Activities l Team Building l Schools’ Alumni Tournaments

Pal-Fit CrossFit

The Pal-Fit CrossFit Ramallah team believes that improvement in individual and group performance is the most important factor that links athletes to CF no matter what is their age group or fitness experience.